Isle of Wight countryside at its best

This is today October 25th  in typical Isle of Wight Autumn weather.

Here we are on the Downs, which are interwoven with bridleways, footpaths, cycleways.

The Isle of Wight Downs are all part of the AONB, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty that accounts for one half of the Isle of Wight. This status protects it from development.

This view is typical of views from the chalk Downland that stretches from the Needles to Culver Cliff.

This view is taken from the Worsley Way, coming down from the Tennyson Way, looking towards the Southern Coast of St.Catherines Down, above Limerstone.

Many walk the Island coastline, which is 72 miles, but to me the Downland is the real well kept  secret of the Isle of Wight for walkers.

The Isle of Wight being surrounded by sea, continues with autumn weather well into the winter, and now is one of the best periods to visit. We Islanders know that the weather is always better here than anywhere else in the UK, with the best sunshine records to show.

We also know the secrets of the Isle of Wight’s walks.