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We’re delighted to announce that PHP 5.5 is now fully supported on our  Cloud Web Hosting.

Along with PHP 5.5 the Cloud now supports a series of PHP versions including 5.2, 5.3 and 5.4. As default we set all new hosting packages to run php 5.3 – this can easily be changed. The Cloud has a neat feature that allows you to switch the PHP version you’re running simply by selecting your preferred version from a drop down menu.



PHP 5.5 version update – What’s new?

This version update brings about a handful of new features and bug fixes, the most notable being:

    • The enhancement of arrays and iterators so that you can write nicer loops
    • The introduction of the ‘finally’ keyword, meaning your code can always free up resources when it’s done
    • The introduction of an API that makes it easier to hash passwords securely
    • Performance improvements gained from OPcache
    • Support for Windows XP and 2003 has been dropped

You can read the full Release Announcement here